Saturday, March 25th, 2017

November 2015 – As more devices move to a wireless interface, coverage of the signal and decent signal strength to these devices becomes an issue. To address the gaps and drop out spots TP-Link has introduced their new RE210 WiFi Range Extender that supports the new 802.11AC protocol at the speed of 750Mbps. The unit [...]

November 2015 – New for the holiday season is the iFamCare Helmet cam is a web cam, night vision camera, motion and sound sensor, and pet play laser. The system uses a secure transfer system for the video feed and transfer to social media. The unit is designed to be controlled from a smart phone [...]

September 2015 – At CTIA the team from Ethertronics was showing off their new smart antenna solutions. The 15 yr old company has already shipped over 1.3B antennas on over 100 designs from their standard parts and custom design inventory. The antennas are available in passive and active form for 3G and 4G applications. Their [...]

 January 2015 – Prior to the official launch of CES 2015, the preview called CES Unveiled highlights the key topics and zones of the exhibit floor. The main theme was wireless and connectivity. Vehicles from the connected car zone joined prior products from the CE space now connected with WiFi and Bluetooth LE. The connectivity [...]

 January 2015 – In the Fitness section of CES, FtiBit was the dominant exhibitor. Leading off with their wrist based wearable, they added a number of new fitness bands in the plan for 2015. The newest will be the HR which includes a heart rate monitor. Joining the product line in late 2014 was the [...]

November 2014 – The latest version of the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 desktop scanner provides a multipaper autofeeder that scans at rates up to 25 pages per minutes in duplex mode to desktop, laptop and mobile devices. The unit is intuitive and easily connected with both wired (USB3) and wireless (WiFI) connectivity. The integrated WiFi allows [...]

November 2014 – The latest version of the Fujitsu Scansnap iX100 is incredibly fast, intuitive and easily connected to both laptops and mobile devices. The integrated WiFi allows the device to quickly connect to local networks and also directly with an integrated WiFi host adapter in the device. The portable scanner has an internal USB [...]

Holiday 2014 – At the Pepcom Holiday Preview in SF the theme for the event was Zombies and that theme carried over into the operating system choices for the products. Currently in Zombie mode was Windows. Caught between the EOL of Windows XP, still IT centric Windows 7 and not working on most consumer hardware [...]

October 5, 2013 – At the Screen in the Home conference held by the Santa Clara Valley IEEE Communication Society and Consumer Electronics Society, they had a keynote presentation by Qualcomm Atheros VP of Technology Bill McFarland on streaming technology in the home, This presentation was focused on wireless solutions and powerline solutions for bringing [...]

January 2013 – This years CES event was the first one to incorporate the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) expo as part of the show. Held in the LVH conference center adjacent to the main LVCC the expo replaced the historic “international pavilion” booths. The camera area was the most crowded at the show day’s 1 [...]