Friday, March 24th, 2017

June 2016 – At E3 2016 Kingston released their long awaited professional gaming headset for the Xbox One platform. Following the success of the HyperX Cloud II headphones for the PC, the new HyperX CloudX Headphones bring that performance and comfort to the Xbox One. The HyperX Cloud II is one of the mainstays of [...]

February 2016 – One of the challenges of the new gaming consoles is the shift from physical media to download content storage is an integral part of the gaming experience. Prior Xbox consoles had expansion capability, but they were for Microsoft designed accessories and still required great effort to install and use. The Seagate Game [...]

June 2015 – At E3 2015 in LA, the two major gaming consoles – Xbox One and PS4 held separate press conferences to launch the show this year. Since the consoles were announced a short time ago, there were no major surprises or product launches in the way of hardware from either company, the big [...]

June 2014 – This year’s E3 show was the release of the promised next gen games for the next gen consoles. In the past two years the big three – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony released their new platforms. The intros were met with enthusiasm but not a lot of content. Most of the titles were [...]

July 2013 – This year’s San Diego Comic-Con the video game consoles and new games were given their own “zone” on the exhibit floor, easing the congestion in the aisles and make it more orderly to get a chance to try the games and platforms. They put all the gaming on the far right side [...]

June 2013 – The aftermarket for higher design and performance controllers is growing with the launch of the new platforms in 2013. New lower latency devices for interfacing to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 were plentiful. We also saw next generation of console accessories for the Xbox One and PS4 as well as for [...]