Sunday, March 26th, 2017

June 2015, E3 is video gaming’s biggest stage without question. Almost every big name in the industry saves their biggest announcements for the show. There are always several games with a lot of ‘hype’ surrounding them that are announced or that will have playable demonstrations for the first time. Battlefront and The Division are two [...]

June 2015 – At E3 2015 in LA, the two major gaming consoles – Xbox One and PS4 held separate press conferences to launch the show this year. Since the consoles were announced a short time ago, there were no major surprises or product launches in the way of hardware from either company, the big [...]

July 2014 – At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con the show floor shifted to pushing out video games to more TV and film projects. It is not that gaming left the show and is loosing its appeal, it is actually the opposite the games generated such a crowd, it disrupted the traffic movement on the [...]

March 2014 – At Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the developers of World of Tanks and the leader in the combat action game genre was showing previews of their new games being updated and release. Their product offering leader is World of Tanks which currently sports 80M+ users world wide and is supported by [...]

TellTale Games – The Wolf Among Us October 2013, Telltale Games has once again released a truly engaging interactive story game based on a comic book/graphic novel series. Following their game of the year success with the Walking Dead, they have now turn their attention to another classic series. The first episode of this story [...]

August 26, 2013, Hot Chips Conference, Stanford, CA—John Sell described the basic internals of the Xbox main SoC. Although there are marketing issues associated with the console, the main chip includes an impressive collection of functional blocks. The main chip mates with the wireless control and the Kinect hardware plus the southbridge, which addresses 8GB [...]

August 2013 – The Sands convention center in Las Vegas was crowded with the 5000+ customers, VIPs and Gamestop employees who attended the 2013 Gamestop Expo. The retailer’s pre-holiday training event culminates in an open to the public, of all ages, expo that features open game play time with this year’s major holiday games. The [...]

July 2013 – This year’s San Diego Comic-Con the video game consoles and new games were given their own “zone” on the exhibit floor, easing the congestion in the aisles and make it more orderly to get a chance to try the games and platforms. They put all the gaming on the far right side [...]

CD Project Red Witcher 3 was one of the titles shown as examples of new games that will be available for the Xbox One at the Xbox Press Conference. The game is a continuation of The Witcher 2, the title that brought fame to the company from Poland. Key to the game is a mythical [...]

June 2013, At the 2013 E3 show one of the largest social interactions with gaming is the capture and posting of game play and accomplishments on the web and social media. For serious gamers, the latency from the capture systems on consoles and the reduction of resources in the CPU & GPU in the PC [...]