Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

December 2016 – We recently had a chance to review, in a live production environment, the HP Zbook 15 G3 mobile workstation and the HP Zbook 17 G3 mobile workstation. Both of the units featured fifth generation Xeon quad core processors, discrete Nvidia graphics, 15.6” UHD Dreamcolor displays and Windows 10 Pro. The workstations were [...]

April 2016 – The rapidly growing interest in the emerging market of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is driving content creation. To better address this need, Dell has updated their Precision workstation line to provide options that are optimized for VR/AR content creation and development with all the reliability of their long running [...]

October 2015 – As an end of the year refresh and to line up with the Adobe MAX event, Dell rolled out a new line of mobile workstations and an addition to the desktop lineup. The major shift on the mobile workstations is the inclusion of the Intel Sky Lake H processors, support for Thunderbolt [...]

September 2014 – HP introduced a refresh on their market leading Z series workstations. The full product line – the 4XX, 6XX, and 8XX desktop/rack mount workstations have all been updated to support the new E5-1600/2600 Gen 3 processors and chipsets. The ZBook line has been updated to support the Gen4 i5 and i7 processors. [...]

February 2014, At ISSCC in San Francisco, the traditional launch of new microprocessors was done in session 5. The session features new architectures and designs in the Power PC, ARM, Xeon and x86 solution space from IBM, Intel and AMD. Large data centers and cloud service providers are increasingly becoming the point of computation in [...]

July 2013 – While the majority of the computing space is focused on content consumption in the form of video, image and audio playback, HP and several other workstation providers are still making optimized systems for the content creation community. Like the scientific & financial communities, this is a specialized field and application that relies [...]

November 2012 – At the 2012 Server Design Summit, they held a panel on future directions for Servers amid the current industry discussion about power efficiency, throughput and performance. The panel was moderated by Sergis Mushell of Gartner and featured Ed Gasiorowski of Applied Micro, Jeff Underhill of ARM, David Borland of Calxeda, Devid Kassel [...]

September 2012, At IDF Supermicro showed of a number of their high performance server and workstation products using the new E5 quad core Xeon processor from Intel. One of the unique aspects of their product line is the motherboards for the servers and workstations are the same. This brings a new level of quality and [...]

 May 15, 2012 – With the announcement of the newest generation of the Tesla GPU the Kepler architecture, which is available as a K10 and K20 model, SGI has created a GPU based computing node that ia available in a rackable form. The core of the system is a dual CPU system featuring the Sandybridge [...]